A photograph of Tristan Dugmore

Tristan Dugmore

Business Development Manager

01384 985 563

Hi, What is your role at Concept?

I’m a Business Development Manager, focusing on the Emerging Technologies Sector.

Tell us about your journey at Concept so far.

My journey started at Concept in January 2020, where I led the permanent technology team. After realising some strong talents within the team, and my own personal successes, it enabled me to move into a pure business development role in April this year.

Why do you love recruitment?

The opportunity to learn about new technologies and meet new people on a daily basis. The money also helps!

Why Concept? 

The growth plans of Concept matched my ambition. The synergy between the culture and the way I work was a perfect marriage. The autonomy, as well as the respect as a thought leader in the management team also allows us to mould Concept into what we want. Great company to be a part of!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I’m a simple man, so Golf, Gym and Pub.

Finally, if you were a film character who would you be?

Will (Matt Damon), from Good Will Hunting!

My Jobs


Tristan has delivered great results for us! He has helped me out with a few recruits for my tech team over the last couple of years. The quality of candidates he has put forward for the roles have been very high, and the developers we now have due to this are excellent. Tristan has always been very easy to work with: he has candidates ready and interviews arranged very quickly, and he always takes time to understand the exact requirements so he can put forward candidates that best fit the role.