A photograph of Megan Oakes-Taylor

Megan Oakes-Taylor

Associate Recruitment Consultant

01384 438654

Hi, What is your role at Concept?

Contract Technology Recruiter, operating in the public sector market

Tell us about your journey at Concept so far.

It’s been awesome! Everyone is so warm and welcoming here, and in my first week, I was given my own project! So proud already to be involved! The team is so welcoming and spends time ensuring you understand everything and are trained appropriately.

Why do you love recruitment?

It’s enriching! Speaking to new people every day, working with a lovely team and building relationships

Why Concept? 

They reward you for the good things you do, which isn’t usually easy to come by. You feel proud at the end of the day if you work hard and do your best.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Gaming, days out, listening to music.

Finally, if you were a film character who would you be?

Art3mis (ready player one)

My Jobs


Megan reached out to me with a fantastic job opportunity. Her unique personality made her a joy to work with and brightened my day. Megan was very helpful and insightful, giving me a lot of knowledge and background for my future job role.