A photograph of Luke Hartle

Luke Hartle

Principal Account Manager

01384 246 268

Hi, What is your role at Concept?

I’m a Principal Account Manager responsible for managing some of our larger Retail, Banking and IT clients. I supply high volumes of engineers for short to long term project requirements.

Tell us about your journey at Concept so far.

I joined in 2016 as a Candidate Manager and have since had 5 promotions up to the role I am in today. As a result of my success with the business I’ve had the opportunity to attend many of the incentives on offer including a trips to Dubai, Amsterdam, several lunch clubs and a weekend away in Oxford on the company!

Why do you love recruitment?

My job is different every day. Delivering to projects means that I speak to a wide variety of contractors discussing different roles every day. I enjoy building long lasting relationships with the contacts I speak to and being able to understand my industry inside out as a result. I find recruitment to be a challenging but intrinsically rewarding career.

Why Concept?

You'll see other members of staff writing solidly about why you should work at Concept... after looking at those my question to you would be; Why not Concept?!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love having a drink with my friends when we get the occasion. I enjoy travelling with my partner but the Lake District will always be our favourite place. Also a keen (but not very good) golfer!

Finally, if you were a film character who would you be?

Luke Skywalker... I've heard the joke enough times so might as well be him!

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I just wanted to put into writing the excellent job Luke has done on the recent upgrade project. He has communicated well with the customer and adapted to the changing requests at the start. A real asset for Concept.

National Operations Manager