A photograph of Kate Higgs

Kate Higgs

Marketing Assistant

01384 985 550

Hi, what is your role at Concept?

I am a Marketing Assistant, so I help out Laura with tasks such as creating hotjobs, creating blog posts for Concept's website, and editing and designing artwork and videos. 

Tell us about your journey at Concept so far.

There has been a lot to learn as I am new to marketing, but I am finding it very interesting so far, and am learning lots of new programmes that will definitely benefit me in the future!

Why do you love Recruitment?

I enjoy working around many different people, and feel satisfied when others are aided in finding jobs. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I have recently found that every weekend is either taken up with discovering adventurous walks, or getting food from great pop-up vendors that do amazing street food!

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