A photograph of Gabriel Imevbore

Gabriel Imevbore

Associate Recruitment Consultant


Hi, What is your role at Concept?

I’m an associate recruitment consultant.

Tell us about your journey at Concept so far.

I’m relatively new to Concept, but being a new start has been great. The culture here is excellent, and I feel comfortable in the working environment.

Why do you love recruitment?

I love recruitment because you get the most out of it by being yourself.

Why Concept? 

I chose to work at concept because of the synergy I felt when I had my interviews, I felt like Concept was the perfect place for me to grow.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy a few things, I love a good walk, the gym, music, poetry, and I’m prone to read the odd book or two.

Finally, if you were a film character who would you be?

Probably, Chris Gardener out of The Pursuit of Happyness, only because my life has been reflective of having to have the sheer determination and will (no pun intended) to achieve things in my life.

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