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Graduates: 4 Reasons why you should consider working in statistics

Published 16 days ago by Ben Tristram

Are you leaving university this year? Do you love nothing more than making sense of figures and data? Do you have no idea what your next step is? If your answer to all three of these questions was yes, then working in statistics could be right up your street.

Unless you’ve spent the past few years studying it at university, statistics might not be the most obvious field for you to enter once you leave your student life behind. But it’s an ideal career path for anyone with a numerate based degree and an interest in finding practical solutions to everyday problems. Being IT savvy and forward thinking also helps.

For those who don’t know what statistician does, they gather and interpret numerical data then present it to organisations across different sectors. Their role is to help organisations find suitable solutions to specific problems by assisting them in spotting trends, making predictions and understanding quantitative data. It’s an important role, that is also extremely exciting and rewarding.

Still not convinced? These reasons might just change your mind:

Lots of variety

Fancy working in a job where you have to carry out the same monotonous tasks day in and day out? No, we didn’t think so. Even though every job has some repetitive element to them, working in statistics is anything but boring. Analysing different forms of data and creating unique formulas to solve problems within different sectors such as education, government and industry is all part of the job.

Having the opportunity to work with such assorted sectors means that the role is always varied. One day you might be meeting with a new client and presenting your findings whereas the next day you could be receiving training on the latest statistical software package. The types of problems you’re asked to solve will also change continuously so it’s very unlikely that you’ll get bored very quickly.

Plenty of problem solving

If you enjoy putting your brain to the test to find answers to problems that are anything but straightforward, pursuing the career of a statistician will be perfect for you. A big aspect of the job is helping organisations to improve their processes by using statistical techniques and data science. This means hours, days or even weeks of gathering data and testing different outcomes and solutions. You’ll get the chance to use your creative skills and innovation to find out what issues an organisation could be experiencing and collaborate with other statisticians to find a solution. In other words, if you love a challenge this is the job for you.

The chance to help others

When it comes down to it, the role of a statistician is to help people. The organisations that hire statisticians see them in the highest regard as they are effectively helping them to improve how their business functions. You can use the skills you’ve gained during your maths, physics or computer science course to make recommendations that have a positive impact on key areas of our society. If that doesn’t give you immense satisfaction, nothing else will.

A job for life

As there are endless work opportunities within the statistics sector, it’s essentially a job for life. You can work your way up through the ranks or choose a specific area of statistics to specialise in. You could become a contractor who is hired for their skills and expertise or stay within one company for the whole of your career. It’s a flexible field of work where there is plenty of room for progression thanks to the heavy reliance that statistics has across many key sectors. So if the idea of looking for a new job every few years fills you with dread, entering this line of could be a convenient option.

With thousands of other students who are also interested in finding a numerate based jobs and leaving university at the same time as you, you’ll be faced with a lot of competition for graduate roles. So, rather than following the masses, start thinking outside the box and try something unexpected. Hopefully these reasons will have enticed you to consider putting your numerate degree to good use by entering the exciting world of statistics. You never know, it could be the best thing you ever do.

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