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4 Ways To Banish Job Interview Nerves

Published about 2 months ago by Scarlett Martin

Whether it’s a casual chat over the phone or a face to face meeting, job interviews are notorious for filling even the most confident person with dread. Interview anxiety is never a nice feeling to experience but it’s one that is often unavoidable, especially if you've got your heart set on a certain role. Learning how to banish your job interview nerves can ensure that you shine bright and give your best possible performance when your interview day arrives.

To stop your nerves having a negative impact during your interview, here’s four techniques you can try that will definitely help.

Do Your Research

Fear of the unknown is often the main cause of job interview nerves. The most effective way of dealing with this is by taking all of the mystery out of it by doing as much research as you can beforehand. Learn as much as you can about the company, their ethos and their products or services by visiting their social media, blog and website. You should also discover as much as you can about the advertised role and what it involves. Another aspect of your research could be finding out more about the interviewer and what type of questions they might ask. The more research you do, the more confident you will feel.

Plan Your Route

Travelling to a new place that you’ve never been to before can naturally add to your pre-interview stress and anxiety. This is why it’s always a great idea to plan your route ahead of time so you know exactly where you need to go and how long it will take you. Don’t forget to also factor in time for delays or traffic and some time to relax and compose yourself before you enter your interview. Arriving late, even if it's unintentionally will only make you feel more flustered so try to leave as early as you can. This will not only give you more time to get there, but arriving early also makes a great first impression.

Remind Yourself of Your Achievements

One of the most simple but effective ways of boosting your confidence before an interview is by using your previous achievements to rationalise your fears. Think of something you’re really proud of such as passing your driving test, travelling alone or completing a marathon and compare it to your interview. If you can complete these challenges, then a simple job interview really shouldn’t be anything you need to worry about.

Be Honest

If you still feel nervous when you enter the interview, don’t be afraid to be honest about how you feel. Letting your interviewer know that you’re anxious, whether it’s at the beginning or during your interview, can make you seem more human. Being anxious is a perfectly normal reaction and it’s nothing you should try to hide. You may even find that your interviewer empathises with how you feel and that they are just as nervous as you are.

Remember- if the employer didn’t think you were capable of doing the job they wouldn’t invite you for an interview in the first place. You’ve already passed the first hurdle! So, use these techniques to ease those nerves and show them just how perfect you are.

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