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Top 8 Most Awkward Field Service Engineer Moments

Published 3 months ago by Kayleigh Dutton

Anybody who works as a Field Service engineer will know that it takes a special type of person to be able to marry up their technical engineering skills with the inevitable customer service element of the role. Every once in a while you find yourself in an incredibly awkward situation; be it getting caught in the middle of a fiery domestic row or catching your customer in a compromising position - here are some of our engineers cringiest moments from their roles in Field Service.

1. "I once pulled a thong out of a sump on a washing machine once. Worst of all it turned out not to be the customer's and she started hitting her husband...oops!"

2. "I had fixed a tumble dryer for a nice elderly customer who kindly made me a brew. When I'd finished I said "all done now thank you for the brew!" she then smacked me on the bum and said anytime dear!"

3. "I was once working in a house in a lovely little terrace in a conservation area and needed a part from the van. I went out, got the bits I needed and returned to the property. I walked back in through the door past the family having breakfast together and into the kitchen only to find that the Hotpoint washer had turned into a Zanussi and my tools were missing…yup I'd walked into the neighbour's property by mistake!"

4. "I once found a live bullet in a tumble dryer vent chamber! Definitely more dangerous than funny..."

5. "I pulled a pair of knickers out of a washing machine pump this one time, I waved them around in front of the customer in a "this is what the problem was, it's a very unusual fault" type of way smiling like an idiot, I found out later that they belonged to one of the girls from the band Girls Aloud! How creepy I must have looked still haunts me to this day."

6. "I found a bra wire caught in the back of a dryer tub, pulled it out turned to the customer and started explaining how he should let his missus know to only dry clean her bras as they can get stuck - I was shocked when he said no women lived there..."

7. "I was called out to remove the reversal delay on a ceiling track hoist. Turns out the user was upset about the delay as he could not control the hoist rapidly enough up and down whilst suspended in front of his partner...I asked no further questions!" 

8. "I asked to use customers toilet and he pointed me in the right direction. I walked down the hall and opened the door to witness his elderly mother using the facilities! Top tip: always lock the toilet door or learn to whistle."

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