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Could your LinkedIn profile be stopping you getting an interview?

Published 3 months ago by Scarlett Martin

It’s no secret that LinkedIn has become an essential resource for thousands of recruiters who are on the hunt for exceptional talent. With so many opportunities to take advantage of, no job hunter can afford to not have a LinkedIn profile nowadays. But just signing up for a profile is no longer enough - you need to spend time nurturing your profile if you want it to get noticed.

If you’re on LinkedIn and don’t understand why you recruiters aren’t considering you for their roles, you might be making these common profile mistakes.

Forgetting to make your profile visible

On other social media sites, hiding your profile is often recommended. But it’s a completely different story on LinkedIn. If your profile isn’t visible, it makes it virtually impossible for recruiters to find you during their searches and therefore unable to help you find a new job. Thankfully there is a simple fix. All you need to do is go onto your account settings and make sure your profile is set to visible.

You might also want to add or update your contact information to ensure recruiters have several ways of getting in touch with you now they can find you easily.

Not completing the summary section

Filling in the summary section on your LinkedIn profile might seem like a task that you can put off till later. But it’s actually one of the most important aspects of your profile. Your summary section can be used as a quick way to introduce yourself to potential recruiters, while also outlining your skills and what your current role entails.

It’s also the perfect place to use specific keywords that relate to the kind of role you are looking for as this will make it easier for recruiters to find your profile. It’s also important that you check that your spelling and grammar is correct as this is something recruiters will look out for.

Having too many irrelevant endorsed skills

As well as looking at your summary, recruiters will also be interested in looking at your profile’s skills section. It’s here, where you can get endorsed by your followers and colleagues for skills that you possess. However, having a long list of irrelevant and mundane skills included in this section can be distracting rather than engaging.

Edit down your list so it only includes skills that are relevant and directly relate to the role you want. You should also rearrange your list so your most important skills are at the top. This will not only make you seem more organised but it will also make you far more searchable.

Using an unsuitable profile photo

It’s been found that people who have head-shot profile photos on their LinkedIn are far more likely to be contacted by recruiters. So, if your current photo is a group shot, a blurred selfie or a company logo, you might want to have a rethink.

Having no photo at all is also a big mistake because recruiters may not believe your profile is active and could avoid your profile altogether. Your profile photo needs look professional and clear and should only have you in it.

These are all simple solutions that can have a big impact when you want to get headhunted by recruiters on LinkedIn. But don’t stop there! Plan some time each week where you can share statuses and engage with your followers to keep your profile updated more regularly.

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