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What it's like to be a Woman in Engineering

Published 3 months ago by Kelly Jeavons

In my experience as a recruiter within the refrigeration industry, I rarely get to meet many women.  So you can imagine I was over the moon to get to spend time with the first woman engineer I had encountered in the refrigeration industry, I couldn’t wait to pick her brain and find out what motivates her in such a predominantly male industry!

She has been in the industry for 5 years and her passion for the refrigeration trade really shines through when she speaks. It’s clear that she’s made for engineering, but I wondered if there were any struggles to working in the trade as a woman.

When she started out in the engineering trade it took her 2 years of applying and interviewing for apprenticeships before she finally began her adventure. Once starting her first role she admitted to being a little singled out from her team.

She acknowledged that the engineers hadn’t done this maliciously but it wasn’t until an engineer took her under their wing she began to feel like she belonged in this industry. To this day, she speaks very highly of the engineer that gave her that chance and admitted that without him she’s unsure she would have stuck around and discovered the love for her job.

She went on to say that with being a woman in the trade she feels she always has to give 110% to prove herself. This gave her the drive to be the top apprentice in her class 2 years running and maintaining that success in her current role.

Over the years in the industry she has only come across 3 other women in the trade and really hopes more will join. She expressed that she didn’t even know about the trade herself until she “fell” into it. This is partly due to the lack of awareness of the role in general. She is always encouraging young people to look into the trade, advising them to approach colleges for refrigeration apprenticeships to begin the journey.

It was really refreshing to see such love and passion for her job, but that may have also stemmed from meeting her partner whilst on a call out.

If you know someone with a positive attitude and strong work ethic who is wonering where to start their career, point them towards refrigeration for a job where there are always challenges and no two days are the same. You never know, they may find love in more ways than one!

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