When Concept met KnowHow

Here at Concept, we’re always trying to gain a better understanding of our candidates and how they work – so attending the many Knowhow sites for a bit of insider knowledge was a no brainer for us. Knowhow host nationwide teams of experts across a range of areas and we’ve been fortunate enough to place many of our best engineers with them.

To find out more about what makes our engineers tick: We decided to get our hands dirty (quite literally!) and joined some engineers on their daily callouts. We ended up going on a bit of a tour of Britain as we got to visit the Knowhow sites in Manchester, Leeds, Durham and Glasgow; as well as Wednesbury, Dartford, Aylesbury and Stevenage where we got to spend time with some Gas and White Goods Engineers.

We were lucky enough to get to go out in the vans all day to watch the engineers in action as they installed cookers and fixed domestic appliances. Getting to know our candidates’ areas of expertise was an incredibly rewarding experience and we gained a whole new understanding of the struggles that they face on a daily basis.

Visiting customer’s homes with the engineers presented its own difficulties, particularly if they weren’t in when we arrived! The level of skill required to carry out the volume of jobs in one day is astounding and I for one have a whole new level of respect for field service engineers and all that they do. Despite how hard the job is, the camaraderie on site was really warming and it’s apparent how much of a family mentality there is among the Knowhow team.

Overall we had a fabulous time, so much so that we’re planning even more days out with engineers so we can learn even more about our candidates and the roles we place them in.

If you’d like to learn more about what the team at Concept do and what we can do for your business – get in touch!

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11th October

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