International Women's Day 2022

We are celebrating a handful of our female employees here at Concept for IWD 2022

Laura Case - Marketing Manager

Throughout my career in marketing, I have worked in many stereotypical male-dominated industries, including a brewery, a scaffolding company, and in the recruitment industry, which could be seen to many as daunting. At Concept Resourcing, however, there is no barrier to progression, and I have been given the opportunity to interact with key stakeholders and attend management meetings where vital decisions are made. Concept is currently supporting me through my diploma in Professional Digital Marketing. It is a breath of fresh air to progress and develop my career whilst being equally supported by males and females

Amy Beasley - Delivery Manager, Field Project Services

When studying IT at Uni I attended an event for women in technology and, as I was back then, I am proud that women have the same opportunities as men and International Women’s Day is a day to appreciate all of the women who have fought against gender inequality to achieve that At Concept, we have plenty of powerful, independent women working across all teams! A lot of which have experienced several promotions, won awards at our annual awards ceremony and deserve to be continually celebrated month in and month out. Since starting at Concept in 2015, I have progressed from Resourcer to Account Manager, to Senior and Principal Account Managers and now to Delivery Manager across the Project Services division and throughout my 7 years with Concept I have managed to qualify for several large incentives and plenty of monthly lunch clubs!

Katie Wrighton - Recruitment Consultant, Field Engineering 

For the past 4 years, I have worked in a very male dominating industry within field service engineering, with 90% of my clients and candidates are male. I’ve never experienced any negativity or been made to feel uncomfortable at Concept: quite the opposite actually and consider myself incredibly lucky to have such great clients, candidates, and colleagues. Throughout my time at the company, I have been given equal opportunities like everyone else with pre-set targets to hit promotions, alongside continued support, and development. I believe as a woman, you can achieve anything you want to do!

Maria Belt - Candidate Manager, IT Contract

Being a woman within the Tech/Data recruitment division, was something I knew very little about before joining Concept, and something very daunting to myself personally as I was going into a complete new career change, But, with all of the guidance that has been offered to me throughout my year of being with Concept so far, I now feel very much at home within my sector and my position, With the support of my peers both Male and Female alike, I honestly can't wait to see where my career progression and self-progression will take me throughout the next few years, I have been able to flourish and celebrate my success with monthly incentives and constant support from my team members, the personal difference I have noticed within my confidence over the past year is immense.

I have many powerful, successful women around me at Concept, and candidates I speak to in the Tech industry on a daily basis. with me just starting out within my recruitment career and being a younger member of my team, it really is lovely and empowering to see these women succeed and learn from them every single day!

Natalie Upton - Recruitment Consultant, IT Contract

Before starting at Concept Resourcing, I admit I was a little nervous as I believed recruitment was a more male-orientated role and I did wonder if I would be taken as seriously as a man. However, since starting as an Associate Recruitment Consultant, I have been working alongside the men on my team, and not once have I felt like I’ve been treated any differently. I watch the women on my team receive promotions, win deals, support each other, and it really makes me proud to be a woman in recruitment.

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9th March

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