How Video Interviews Can Help Keep Your Hiring Strategy On Track In Times Of Uncertainty

Be it due to a clash in scheduling, geographical distance or even a risk to health, such as posed by the recent COVID-19 outbreak, it is not always practical to carry out traditional face to face interviews when hiring new staff.

Rather than suffer long delays in booking an interview, which runs the risk of losing that ideal candidate to a competitor and ultimately could in turn have a negative impact on overall business hiring strategy and we’ve introduced an alternative, more efficient solution: Video Interviewing.

Utilising a visual interview platform grants you the ability to continue hiring for those business-critical roles, whilst taking into account external factors such as social distancing, geographical location and diary availability. We are optimally positioned to be able to offer a remote interviewing solution that speeds up the interview process and protects both candidates and clients from any health risks. Our platform can be utilised in two ways:

    1. We conduct interviews for you:

Without any disruption to your own day-to-day, our team of consultants can conduct interviews on your behalf.

To ensure that candidates are being screened in line with your company polices, we’ll agree some standard screening questions with you before conducting the first video interview - meaning that any candidates that come to you via remote interview are on a level playing ground with those that may have been seen face to face previously.

Once complete the video interviews will be sent to you via a sharing link which you can watch in your own time and from any location. The video can also be shared to additional stakeholders in the hiring process, all without taking additional time out of their diaries, or exposing them to any unnecessary risk currently posed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

     2. You utilise our platform to conduct your own video interviews:

If you prefer to conduct interviews yourselves, or maybe feel that more direct communication is required at final interview stage before making that all important hiring decision then we can grant you access to our video platform directly.

The platform enables you to arrange video ‘chats’ through a simple link that does not require a candidate to subscribe to a service unlike most alternative video platforms. From there you can conduct your interview and if you wish, record certain aspects of it to look back on or share with other business stakeholders at a later time. Over time you will be able to collate the series of interviews that have taken place for any given position and assess each applicant simply before making a final decision on the best hire for your business.

The time is now.

In a recruitment climate where there is fierce competition for talent and efficient, timely interviewing remains a key contributor to a candidates future choice in career, we believe that remote interviewing is more than ever becoming an essential step in any hiring journey.

Add in current concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to ensure business continuity to customers while protecting your staff and remote interviewing becomes more essential than ever.

For a better understanding of exactly what to expect from a video interview conducted by us here at Concept Resourcing you can view a sample interview here.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with one of our team of recruitment experts today and keep your hiring strategy on track. 

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16th March

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