From Computing Graduate to Recruitment Consultant

Before starting at Concept, I finished my BSc in Computing (Networking, Security & Forensics). I decided to further my studies with an MSc degree in Cyber Security. As I was approaching the end of my degree, I took the initiative to start searching for job roles related to Cyber Security. This led to me finding the Cyber Security Recruitment Consultant vacancy at Concept Resourcing. Recruitment was not something I had considered before, as I was looking for roles in the Cyber Security industry. However, after reading the job description, the position had piqued my interest.

I came across the Recruitment Consultant role at Concept Resourcing on a job board; I saw that it was Cyber Security related and the office was very local to where I would be relocating to. This made it a perfect opportunity that I did not want to miss out on and wanted to hear more about! James, who is my IT Manager at Concept, went through the role with me and gave me some insight into recruitment. He kept the interview process smooth, keeping me updated with anything I needed to know, and this set me at ease and got me excited about the role.

He sold the role to me, telling me about the successes and enjoyment of recruitment when you work hard. I chose a job in recruitment because I enjoy the competitive nature and because I enjoy having sophisticated conversations with people, especially about Cyber Security.

Once I started the role, I found the transition from a graduate to my first full-time job as a recruitment consultant difficult. This was partly due to having to complete my dissertation while starting as a recruitment consultant. However, I persevered and achieved a First in my dissertation ‘Authentication Tokens: Exploring and creating a framework for their use and efficacy in an organisation’s user authentication security.

As a Cyber Security Recruitment Consultant, my role entails sourcing and having conversations with Cyber Security candidates who are all at different seniority levels and areas within Cyber Security. This could range from a SOC analyst to an Information Security/GRC consultant to a Cyber Security Architect. I have these conversations with candidates to understand what they are looking for and find roles that work best. Following this, I ensure to manage my candidate to the best ability throughout an application/interview process by providing them with all the relevant information and answers to questions they may have and/or need. Additionally, I have conversations with our clients to understand exactly what they are looking for in a candidate. I didn’t have any knowledge of recruitment beforehand. However, I have Cyber Security knowledge which I have found to be very beneficial, allowing me to have technical conversations with candidates and clients around the subject matter.

Additionally, the role felt daunting because I didn’t have recruitment experience, and it was my first full-time job. Still, with the support of James, the IT perm team and the Concept Recruitment Academy training, I have now gained much more confidence, and I am enjoying my time as a recruitment consultant. I am excited to see my recruitment career flourish at Concept Resourcing.

If you want to find out more about how you could join us at Concept Resourcing, please take a look at our "Join Us" page or speak to Chloe Swain.

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28th October

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