From a Rental Company Assistant Manager to Recruitment Consultant

Before starting with Concept, Keira had been approached previously about getting into the recruitment industry but had never really contemplated it. She had heard it had a bit of a stigma for long hours and no work/life balance. However, joining us here soon diminished her worries!

Before Concept, I worked for a world-leading rental company, initially starting my career as a trainee. Four and half years later, I progressed to an experienced assistant manager with three branches in my belt. Being only twenty-one when I started this career path, I realised that the longer I was with this company, the more I discovered my need for a balanced work-life and focused on my primary skills: customer service and communication. 

Working for such a large organisation made me feel more of a number than a valued employee. Therefore, I started looking at careers and companies that would allow me to demonstrate my best abilities. 

During this time, I attended several interviews and had two job offers from entirely different sectors, but upon reflection, I turned these down as I didn't feel the company cultures were quite right. 

I was then approached by my now manager, Jon Horrocks, with the prospect of joining Concept Resourcing as a recruiter focusing on Procurement and Supply Chain. Having never even heard the word Procurement, I was initially sceptical about whether I could succeed in this type of position. Concept was understanding and supporting; they answered all the questions I had with honesty and direct clarity. 

To ensure that I felt sure with this potential change, I was invited to visit the office to experience a day in the life of a recruiter. Within this visit, I was able to speak to colleagues who had very similar backgrounds to myself and even got to talk directly to the Managing Director and CEO. This was a huge turning point for me as it allowed me to understand their business in more depth and made me feel that I would be a valued employee who could communicate with high-level stakeholders; I didn't feel like just a number.

Since joining Concept, I have been highly supported by colleagues from all departments, given a clear career path, provided with a complete six-week intensive training programme, and even placed a few roles within three months, with no prior experience!

Brand new recruiters and I alike were enrolled on a 6-week intensive training programme with Bobby's award-winning recruitment training. The course was structured and broken-down week by week:

  • Learning aspects
  • Objectives and goals 
  • Concepts own recruitment life cycle
  • How to approach candidates and clients
  • How to structure meaningful conversations
  • How to develop your database and win new business
  • What to expect as a recruiter – the ups and downs of people management

Along with general learning – the training was inclusive of hands-on experience where Bobby supported us. We had one-to-one coaching to improve our interactions and listen back to our calls to reflect on our techniques. We also had interactive learning, including group activities and games.  We had the full support of our trainer, be it day or night, to answer questions we had. 

One of the main things I loved about the training was the honesty and integrity of the sessions and learning how to be an efficient recruiter; it also focused on us individually as people and our personal goals. This training was compulsory to my development in this new career path and was beneficial from somebody who had once been in our shoes as a new recruiter.

I feel excited to come to work now, which I hadn't experienced for a long time. I finally have the work-life balance I've wanted for so long with the ability to work flexible hours and have "well-being" hours on a Friday where we finish at 1 pm, allowing for a nice transition into my weekends. Since I started, the support I have received has been outstanding, and I'm happy that I chose Concept to be my company. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

If you want to find out more about how you could join us at Concept Resourcing, please take a look at our "Join Us" page or speak to Chloe Swain. 

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Keira Johnson

27th October

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