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Our new monthly PE newsletter aims to provide valuable insight into the technology focussed private equity market, including the latest M&A activity, PE trends and news analysis, technology focussed insights, commentary from tech recruitment experts and hiring trends. 

We are excited to present to you our new technology-focused private equity newsletter! Providing PE investors and professionals with a snapshot of the latest trends and news in their market. 

Concept are a private-equity-backed recruitment consultancy. We connect and introduce you to our vast and growing network of senior-level professionals supporting scale across your investment portfolio within the technology space. After experiencing rapid annual growth over the past decade, Concept was acquired by PE investment firm Aliter Capital LLP in July 2022. Read more about Aliter and Concept Resourcing.

What's in the newsletter?

  • Latest M&A activity
  • PE trends and news analysis
  • Technology focussed insights
  • Commentary from tech recruitment experts
  • Hiring trends across technology

We are hosting a series of PE focussed webinars through 2023! Our first will take place in early April, focussing on the importance of due diligence across people, technology and tools in the first 12 months of acquisition to ensure maximum multiplier and £value return at exit. Take a look at our previous webinars and blogs here.

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