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We have all had to adapt quickly to the 'new age' of working since the covid pandemic, meaning changes across our way of thinking, desires, and needs for the best talent. The most significant change we have seen across businesses in the recruitment process, and here at Concept Resourcing is employees' expectations, especially around perks and benefits!

Here are a few benefits that have arisen in the post-lockdown office:

Hybrid and Remote work

Traditionally many businesses have been unconvinced that remote working works, how this would affect efficiency and company plan. As most of us now know, the past year alone proves that most employees can perform their roles just as well, if not better while working from home. Meaning better productivity, a better work life balance, reduced stress and happier employees who value their employer even more so. Here at Concept Resourcing, we offer just that, its no longer the traditional Monday to Friday working patterns. We offer hybrid working patters, a good balance of both and early finishes on a Friday afternoon, which means you can kick start your weekend early.

Home office

With this new way of working employers are now investing in equipment for remote and hybrid employees, so they can work from home. As the UK shifts towards a permanent flexible world, employers are now starting to see the benefits of doing so.

As this is an unprecedented time for all of us, living in these times has led to businesses running in mode ‘limbo’, not knowing when things will go back to the historic ‘normal’. For many businesses out there, flexible working is now here to stay which means having the tools employees need to do their job more effectively is of high importance.

Take my story for example, one office in a household of 5 is not ideal. In other words, I would need my own equipment to do my job successfully. Concept Resourcing has adapted to this new business world, offering that flexibility with everything I need to succeed in my role when working from home.

Investment in training

In the post- pandemic market, we are seeing an increased desire for employee training, the pandemic gave many of us the opportunity to review our career choices and as a result we’ve seen a big shift in employees diversifying their knowledge. Employers should see this as a benefit to their business, with employees expanding their knowledge base they can add value to new areas of your business and supporting them through this learning will reap rewards in the long term. At Concept we have taken this opportunity by investing in new external training, to better train and coach new employees to the business, as well as funding our existing team members who have shown an interest in upskilling or diversifying. Most importantly we have listened to our employees, reacted to their individual needs and skills which has also led to internal moves to new areas of the business.

Mental health support

Possibly the biggest impact we have seen since the pandemic started has been on mental health, lockdown affected mental health for so many different reasons and in so many different ways. Thankfully, we have seen a positive response to this from employers who are now evaluating and improving their mental health offering to employees.

There are many ways we as employers are now investing in our employee’s wellbeing, it could be introducing an employee assistance programme, or investing in a wellness platform, or training dedicated mental health first aiders. Whatever it is, the key to helping with employee mental health is creating an open and supportive culture where people feel they have a place to discuss their challenges and know where to go for help when things get difficult.

Concept encourage conversations about mental health through open communication and placing importance on building transparent, collaborative relationships. We recognise that mental health is different for everyone so have a trained MHFA and EAP and promote a healthy lifestyle (except for on our monthly lunch clubs!).

If you would like to find out more about Concept's perks and benefits and what internal roles we are currently hiring, please reach out to Anita Jhalli for an informal and confidential chat.

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3rd March

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