Concept's attendance at the Field Service Expo 2021

Concept Resourcing were asked to be The Recruitment Partner at the Field Service Expo 2021 event held last week on the 27th and 28th October. With over 20 years of recruiting field service engineers, we were delighted to support the event and run a recruitment clinic over the two days. With recruitment and retention a key challenge across many businesses, our team were busy speaking to both existing and prospective customers in helping solve their recruitment issues.

Some of the topics discussed included:

• What the next generation of field service engineers are looking for in future employers

• What an attractive remuneration package looks like in your sector

• Solutions to your ageing field service workforce

• The key aspects of a strong recruitment strategy for field service companies

• If there is a skills shortage or are you just not looking in the right places and how to plan accordingly

Chris Short commented, “This was our first time exhibiting in front of customers for nearly two years. It was great to get away from video calls and meet customers in person again. Everyone I spoke to said they got a lot from the show, and we certainly look forward to supporting the event next year”.

The challenge of both retention and the ageing field service workforce in many organisations was a common topic. There was a lot of customer interest in our new Field Service Academy solution, which helps some of our larger customers attract field engineers from other sectors and help cross-train with the relevant skills.

In addition, our CEO Chris Short gave an insightful presentation on the current labour market, detailing the widening gap between demand and supply and how starting salaries in the UK were rising at their fastest rate for 24 years. His comments that the “UK is facing the worst skills shortage on record” supported detailed industry analysis and the latest labour market reports. Chris’ presentation also detailed some of the key findings from their annual field engineering survey. Some of the key highlights included the positive news that salary satisfaction across field engineers had positively increased by over 60% since their last survey in 2019. The survey, however, still reported that 40% of field engineers were planning to look for a new role within the next 12 months, and the presentation ended with Chris giving the audience some insight into the common mistakes many organisations were making in the current candidate market.

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30th November

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