A Day In The Life Of... An Executive Consultant

For Sarah White, an Executive Consultant here at Concept Resourcing, no two days are ever the same. With the changes to office working due to the pandemic, her week is a mix of remote and office-based working. Whether Sarah is in the office or working from home, her days are always fast-paced, and especially on the days she has a 30-second commute to her home office!

Here is what a typical day looks like…

My alarm goes off at 6 am to start getting myself ready. I then wake my 5-year-old up at 6.45 am and we race to see who can get dressed the quickest (wonder where she gets her competitive streak from?!?!). I drink a tepid cup of tea, grab a slice of toast and my laptop and head out the door at 7:15 am. I arrive at the office around 7.45am, shout “morning everyone,” and make myself a HOT cuppa!

When at my desk, the first thing I do is run through any client, candidate, or internal emails, as this is what my job primarily focuses on. I then start calling any new candidates first thing as this can heavily influence the rest of my day. Once profiled for specific roles and after sharing specs with them, I’ll then get their CVs straight over to the clients. Next, it's time for another Cuppa!

Once hydrated, I find myself checking my calendar to see which interviews are happening today, what candidate calls I’ve scheduled and any meetings/client calls that have been arranged. I find my calendar is always jam-packed, so having it readily available on my laptop makes it so much easier than flicking through a notepad! I also put together a ‘priority list’ together rather than a daily plan, as my day changes so quickly, and this enables me to add to the list as the day goes by.

Next, I check around the team to see which roles are being worked and we’ll have a bit of a candidate swap: “have you spoken to X, he’d be great for Z client” (we genuinely have a very collaborative team, which is key in our market). I double-check any offers/employment contracts that have been sent out to make sure they have been signed and sent back to the client.

I generally have my lunch at about 12.30pm, and if I’m at home I always try to go for a 30-minute walk and generally have a chicken salad for my lunch, whereas if I’m at work, I might pop to Costa to grab a Chai latte and a toastie, as it’s only right around the corner from the office.

After lunch, I go back to my desk where I then call my candidates who have upcoming interviews and check they are set for the calls/meetings and give them an interview run-through/prep. I will have done this when booking the interview in originally, but a refresh just before the interview really helps. I’ll look at my vacancy list, run through the activity against each role and where my candidates are in process (CVs in play, interviews taking place, offers in play) and from this, I can see which order I need to work my roles in.

I’ve always worked in a 360 role, and I love a bit of BD (Business Development), as there’s nothing like proving yourself to a new client! So, you may hear me on my mobile chatting away to prospective clients at various points throughout the day about what’s needed. Also, as I work in a lead role, I’ll usually do on-the-job coaching as and when someone needs a new idea or a bit of direction, so this can also take up large portions of my day.

Finally, when I’m in the office, I usually leave at 4.30 pm for the drive home and to pick my little one up from school, and that’s my working day done!

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