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I am probably the biggest anomaly here at Concept. Whilst most of the company works the UK only, I have worked roles all over the world. I’ve placed on every continent (apart from Antarctica-not many people there right?)

A little bit about myself

I’ve placed all over the world working with IT Vendors – the most common theme is finding sales teams (sales and pre-sales) to build a territory from scratch or replace existing teams (less frequent).

My start times on a day can vary depending on the Geographic areas that I’m covering. If I'm working roles in UK, EMEA and MEA, I can generally work a typical day like my colleagues. When I end up picking up US work, however, especially in California, it means starting my workday later, or if I pick up an influx of APAC and Oceania work, then more often than not, earlier. However, this year, for the most part, my work hours have mainly been aligned with everyone else in the business, as I’ve mostly had the UK and EMEA work.

My day in a nutshell 

My mornings can be pretty varied. I’ve had weeks filled with Southern Hemisphere jobs, recruiting across Australia, Singapore and Japan. When I’m heavy with this type of work, I start very early, getting up at 4 am – for a 5 am start to the day, starting work at 6 am but finishing early. If I have a mainly US heavy job load, I start work at 9/10 am, ready to work until 9/10 pm.

First thing, my priority list. I will have written down a few tasks that I need to get done, such as have I managed to speak to all of my candidates interviewing today and where my urgent jobs are. I then check in with my clients, which is just a sanity check before getting stuck into proactive work. This typically involves headhunting and can be the most time-consuming activity, whereby a single candidate interview could end up being 1hr +.

I have to be flexible in terms of the way I work. I tend to approach things by trying and working in two-hour blocks, as if I don’t, I find my concentration slipping. Usually, though, a strong black coffee gets me back on track! My goals typically are to produce at least three good candidates a day and try and work two different roles in a day. 

I then typically try and do some Business Development, which is mainly trying to win some new clients and speak to my existing ones. Following on from this, I follow up on anything that has been sent out to clients, trying to push activity chasing any prospective deal trying to move everything forward.

Nearing the end of my day, I make a priority list for the next day to be sure the right things are getting done and in order! I then head home around 5.30/6ish. 

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26th November

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