A Day In The Life Of... A Contract IT Director

My alarm goes off at 05:15 am every morning, and I gingerly get myself ready without waking my wife or little boy. I usually contemplate the day ahead and what I need to achieve. I go downstairs and feed my dog, a Chihuahua called Yogi (like the bear).

Being a regimented man and a person of structure, I always have my work laptop, lunch, and breakfast pre-prepared the evening before so I can grab it and go! I am on the road for 06:00 am and always listen to a podcast on the way to work, usually Joe Rogan; I find listening to something educational sets me up for the day.

I arrive at work between 07:00 am, and 07:15 am. I open the office up and begin going through my emails and commitments for the day. I live and die by my task list, and being old fashioned, I still use a diary and pen. My team start to arrive between 07:00 am, and 08:00 am.

Once everyone has arrived in person or on Teams (in this now remote world that we live in), I will make a "stand up" with them. We go through their commitments for the day/week and discuss any challenges they face within their vertical markets or customers that may require my input.

I will always contact my key customers and candidates within my first 10 calls of the day. I monitor our resources vs their project goals and any new requirements or projects that are due to kick off that they need help with.

Next up is to do my business development; as a leader that likes to keep up with customers needs, I find business development is the best way to do this and talk about potential challenges and pain points in their business. I usually engage with senior stakeholders up to board-level to discuss these issues, as I find I can add the most value.

Before lunch, I will do another "stand-up" with the team to see how they've got on against their morning commitments and help them push on with their daily tasks, any training they may need or any Key call preparations. Lunchtime comes, and because I am a creature of habit, this usually consists of chicken and rice!

Post lunch is always the critical part of the day, and it involves me speaking to candidates in the market and assessing any new opportunities from talking to them. Candidates are the lifeblood of what we do, so keeping in touch with them is a key part of my teams and their businesses.

Towards the end of the day, I will take a strategy call with the Milton Keynes office and their manager to talk about growth, customer acquisition and business challenges.

My day is usually done at about 4.30 pm, where I get in the car to finish my podcast. I get home about 6 pm, obviously dependant on traffic. Once home, I sit down for dinner with my family and once the little one is in bed me and my wife sit down to watch the latest Netflix series. My latest favourite is Squid Games...


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3rd November

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