A Day In The Life Of... A Business Development Manager

For Tristan Dugmore, the Business Development Manager here at Concept, there’s nothing better than being able to work from home with his beautiful pooches by his side! 

Here is what a typical day looks like…

When I’m working from home, my alarm goes off at 7am, and this is to allow me a short wake up call where I take my daily vitamins, including Barocca, which is a must for a busy day I usually have to undertake working as a BD Manager, and a morning coffee! By 7.30, I get my dogs ready for their morning walk which usually takes me 30 minutes. I have a Cockapoo and a Cocker Spaniel, P and Nala, and they definitely make working from home a lot more fun. P’s favourite toy is a tennis boy, but Nala prefers her footy.

I get home for round about 8am and that’s when I log onto my laptop. The first thing I do is always check my emails which is a must when you work in this market, and after that I plan how my day is going to go ahead. As I am a very reactive and scatty person, I find I have to plan my day to the hour, to ensure I complete important tasks (otherwise, they may get pushed to the bottom of the pile.)

My mornings at work usually consist of checking up with internal stakeholders, in regards to outstanding vacancies they have from myself, whilst also checking in with current clients. This can take up most of my morning, so it’s nice when I see the clock is almost at 12pm! This is when I usually take my lunch break, where I push myself to venture to the local gym for 30 minutes. I always find it a nice break from work, so try and do it most days. 

My afternoons are usually for new client mapping and meetings, where I try and use new initiatives to entice new partners. After that, I usually log off around 6pm and rush to the golf course for 7pm for 9 holes 3 times a week, followed by a pint of cider! Then home for 9.30pm, for a dinner that I prepared throughout sometime that day, and then climb into bed for 11ish, with an episode of THE BILL, yes The Bill, I’m old school!

The days I’m in the office means my day can vary slightly and with the working from home order still two days in the office and three days at home, my bubble means I am in Mondays and Tuesdays. I leave my house at 7.40am and get into the office for between 8.15 and 8.45 depending on traffic, as I commute 40 miles from Worcester. I love to pick up a drive through Costa as it is right next to the office on my way in.

When in the office, I walk around and greet everyone, as I like to think of myself as a social person and I think I get on really well with my co-workers. I then do the same as when I am working from home and I check my emails and plan my day, through listing priorities, with my main objective to always make sure I give my clients the best possible service.

Lunch is a short walk to Tesco for something plain, healthy and boring, like chicken and rice. Got to keep those gym gains up! I go back to my desk as quick as possible, so I can start planning and mapping new clients, and start reaching out to them via emails, calls, and video meetings. I then leave about 5.45pm, to get to my local gym for 6.30pm and my night consists of climbing into bed for another episode of The Bill. I must be addicted!

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25th August

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