6 Reasons why your Business Needs a Summer Party

The Concept office is abuzz with excitement! It’s our summer party tomorrow, which we’ve been meticulously planning and looking forward to for some time. We haven't shut up about it to our family and friends, the reaction we're met with is almost as though we’re being spoilt! It’s occurred to us that summer events sadly aren’t really commonplace in the UK workplace and we'd like to change that.

At Concept we are all for any event that boosts morale, rewards employees and breaks up the year. So why do so many businesses choose to skip out on the summer party and reserve all their merriment for Christmas?

The common misconception is that hosting events other than the much-anticipated Christmas celebration is a bit of a waste of time and money. That’s where they’re wrong, there are plenty of reasons to host a summer bash:

1. Helps to retain staff

Having a great company culture is a huge perk to any job. Most of us not only want to enjoy our roles, but being around the people as well. A summer party is a sure sign that you want to nurture those workplace relationships, relationships that contribute to staff retention.

2. Bridges gaps between departments

It can be all too easy for employees to operate within separate areas of the business and never have to speak to each other. A summer party is the perfect excuse for people to get to know those in the business that they rarely get exposure to.

3. Boosts morale

Giving your employees something to look forward to (besides Christmas!) shows them that you care, making them more likely to care back. Breaking up the year with an additional celebration reduces the likelihood of burnout and often leaves staff feeling refreshed afterwards.

4. Great for internal recruitment

Having a thriving team social calendar is very attractive to prospective employees. If you make your business look like a really fun and inclusive place to work, you’ll naturally attract talent who are eager to be a part of it.

5. You can save money

Just as an added bonus, any food and entertainment provided for your business can be offset against your tax bill.

6. It’s just fun!

Do you really need a reason to have a little fun? You know what they say about all work and no play!

And as if all of the above isn’t enough reason to plan your own summer party pronto, we’ll be posting pictures of our own summer bash over the weekend – so keep an eye out!

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24th August

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