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Our managed print solutions survey is back, detailing typical salaries in 2016 across a number of roles. From engineers to service managers, controllers and directors find out the average salaries across the UK in the managed print industry.

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10 Things only recruiters will truly understand

July 2017

Samantha Round

Don't get us wrong, us recruiters absolutely love what we do and there's nothing more gratifying ...

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James Aiton appointed Managing Consultant of Engineering Division at Concept ...

July 2017

Harriet Rhodes

11th July – James Aiton has joined Concept Resourcing as Managing Consultant and is set to lead t...

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Field Service Management Expo 2017

July 2017

Samantha Round

We had the time of our lives at the Field Service Management Expo on the 20th-22nd of June at Lon...

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What it's like to be a Woman in Engineering

June 2017

Kelly Jeavons

In my experience as a recruiter within the refrigeration industry, I rarely get to meet many wome...

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